Long Live The Sons Of God (Jazzyspoon Remix)

from by Strong Like Woman

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(Uncensored full length lyrics)


I can justify my SUV. I make myself believe its for the kids, they’re safer now.
but do I believe? do I believe a truck can save them?

splash the water on my brow, take a dip for god.
I watch them applaud. I’ll have my fifteen minutes...

put it on. the smile I wish I felt. and never let them know how I cope.
I’ll help myself regret myself. take on my gender role.

its easier to forget your ideals, and take it hook line and sinker
I brace myself for guilt. then erase it with dark beer.

I’ve always thought I was fair. I held my mom in high esteem.
now I’ve been given a choice. to move into a mans dream...

with the bible as my weapon, I can strike out at the world.
whoever deviates from scripture will have to contend with my shot gun religion

this new sense of power is hard to swallow at first.
but the hordes of willing women make it seem like the right thing to do.

am really the king of my castle? with my wife like a maid to serve me?
well I’ll keep her on the treadmill and keep her popping out those babies.

it feels so good to come home after work at the end of the day.
I look forward to my dinner and nightly fuck with no foreplay.

I can cum, then sleep while she turns down the covers.
not a care in my head, this life of just one lover...

its good to know what i say goes. she doesn’t question my holy word
I grow fat on life while she’s still as skinny as a high school girl

my daughters are all sexy, learning the ways of a loving wife.
my sons don’t yet know their fortune, that holding sway is their god given right.

soon enough they’ll grow up to take a woman for themselves
they’ll be sure to get the ones that’ll serve them well

as savior of my family... high priest. they serve me like their master
but its a small price to pay for peace and to survive the coming disaster

long live the sons of god!

long live the sons of god!

long live the sons of god!

and fuck everyone else.


from Fortune E​.​P., released April 2, 2011
Written by Kelly Dale




Strong Like Woman Seattle, Washington

Strong Like Woman is a vehicle of pop mayhem for peace activist, performance artist, dj/producer Kelly Daring.

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